Certified Health Coach

Postpartum Recovery Support


My name is Tiffany Underwood 

I've been in OB-GYN Care since 2005. During these years I've had both personal and professional experiences which opened my eyes to the changes women endure, not just during pregnancy, but once they've delivered their precious babies.  Support during the postpartum period is ESSENTIAL.  This motivated me to learn as much as I could about the things we as women experience such as postpartum depression, lack of knowledge, poor postpartum care, and lack of family support. I began educating myself on how I could help those in need get the support they deserve. 












After becoming a Certified Medical Assistant in the reproductive health specialty, I've had the privilege to work with some amazing providers helping women access the care they need. I was even a patient educator for a few years, educating women about their bodies and their options when it came to parenting. I went on the obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and  Master's Degree in Healthcare Management. I still had this intense feeling inside of me to stick with women's health, mainly postnatal care. (Oh yeah I did I mention that I'm a mom to four beautiful girls!)

This inspired me to attend Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to get a more in depth understanding of nutrition and lifestyle and how it affects women once they've become mothers. So here I am! Ready to support, empower, and encourage you!


My role as a Certified Health Coach is to offer guidance to help clients make choices that suite their desired lifestyle. I help clients look forward to the future by developing their strengths and abilities. I do not provide medical advice, diagnose, or treat any diseases or conditions. I am not a nutritionist nor am I a personal trainer. I educate, advocate, support and assist.

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