Why I Chose to Become a Pregnancy Health Coach and a Postpartum Support Advocate!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I've always known that I've wanted to help others. I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do or how I would do it. I gave birth to my oldest daughter when I was eighteen and I had no idea what being pregnant meant. I also had no idea what it meant to take care of myself during pregnancy. I made some of the most unhealthy choices when it came to food, I didn't get the proper rest I needed, nor did I drink water (I didn't see the importance). It's safe to say that I didn't do anything that I really should have during that pregnancy. But what do you do when you just don't know? What do you do when you don't know there are other options out there, healthier options. You can't do what you don't know.

As a result I ended up in and out of the hospital. I had high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I delivered a six pound eight ounce baby girl at thirty six weeks. One week later I had a seizure at home and was rushed to the hospital where I had another seizure. My blood pressure was through the roof and I was suffering from Eclampsia. I was blessed to make it through this and go on to work in the medical field. I have worked in OB/GYN care for the past fourteen years. I've learned so much and I have even gone on to have two healthy pregnancies in which I delivered babies that were both over eight pounds!

I wanted to make sure that I didn't go through what I went through before. Learning what I've learned over the years both at work and on my own motivated me to go back to school to gain certification so that I could help other pregnant women through one of the most important and precious times of their lives. I am proud to say that I am a Certified Pregnancy Health Coach and I am here to help make a difference. My goal is to help empower and encourage women during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. This is needed today now more than ever. Women need to know that they are indeed supported and they do have a voice!

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