Put that Stress to Rest

Let's talk about stress and pregnancy. This is a common thing, I mean why wouldn't it be? You're going through more changes than you know right now, your belly is growing, your back is hurting, your hormones are going haywire and on top of that you're wanting everything to turn out perfectly for you and your little bundle. I guess it's safe to say that sometimes stress cannot be avoided however there are healthy ways to destress and help you better deal with situations as they arise. During the pregnancy of my middle child I was STRESSED to the max. I had two miscarriages before I got pregnant with her, one at six weeks and one at fourteen weeks, so I spent that pregnancy on eggshells. I worried my doctor so much, (she was really sweet about the whole situation and definitely understood) and then we were living overseas in Germany at the time. So there I was pregnant in a place that was so far away and I was worried the entire time about whether this pregnancy would be successful or not. As the months went on I learned that the things outside of us are not within our control. I also learned that things will happen but you can decide how to deal with them and how you will respond. That pregnancy actually turned out to be the easiest of all three of my girls, I had her naturally and she was over eight pounds!

It was reported that pregnant women that go through chronic stress or deal with extreme stress can expose their unborn babies to unhealthy levels of stress hormones. This can lead to serious problems like decreasing the flow of blood which in turn affects the oxygen being supplied to your baby. Babies born to mothers that were suffering from stress were found to be have smaller birth weight, they had temperament and colic problems, and they also had problems with attention and emotional reactivity. Pay attention to your body, things like a headache, upset stomach and irritability can be signs that you are stressed. Get help during these times. Talk to someone you know and trust about what's bugging you. Journal about the stress, make sure you get rest, and exercise. Coloring helped me in tremendous ways. Find your own positive

way to get rid of that stress because you and baby are worth it!

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