Beauty and the Bump (Spicing up Your Look and Feeling Your Best!)

When I first got pregnant with my oldest daughter I didn't think much about what I would wear as the time went on and I began to spread out. I'm short and small framed. I've never weighed over 100 pounds. I didn't take into account that I would gain thirty pounds and those jeans that once fit would no longer fit, nor would that favorite shirt. The good thing is as the years have gone on more and more fashion has been created for moms to be. There are so many options available which means you can still have your style with that extra bump. Another thing to consider is that all bumps and body types are not the same.

So let's dive into that.

Whether you are carrying high, low, small, or all over there are so many different styles when it comes to maternity clothing , which I was able to find a lot of things at Target. I had two of my babies in August. Yes, I know, August is the hottest month of the year. Add a pregnancy with that and you can say that I was burning up. I spent a lot of time in dresses. I carried high so I added some nice necklaces to accent the belly.

I'm also a thrifter so I was able to find some nice things for my last pregnancy as well. You're only pregnant for a short time. ( I know when you are going through it, it doesn't feel that way but it is a short time) I figure why spend a ton of money, you can find some real bargains at thrift stores.

There are other stores like A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity so don't worry, you'll definitely find fashion.

Fashion is one thing and so is feeling beautiful. Adjusting to my growing belly took some real work. Then the stretch marks, let's not get into that. Okay I've come to appreciate them. But it did take some time for me to do. It's easy for some of us to feel strange or unattractive during pregnancy. This is not uncommon and you are not alone, but this is the time to remember that you are beautiful.

Take some time to relax, take a bath and not just any bath, a special bath. I don't do this as often as I should but when I do I enjoy every minute of it. You can light some candles and add some bath salts. My favorite is Pink Himalayan bath salts. It's the most relaxing and rejuvenating to me. Also, you can listen to some music or sneak and watch some of your favorite TV shows (thanks to Netflix and Hulu Apps) or even listen to a good audio book. Just take some time for you. You are important, your "me time" is important. We often forget that or think of it as being selfish but really it's necessary.

Within the past few years I've gone through a lot of spiritual growth. Some things have gone on in my life that I felt I needed to do some real soul searching on. I looked into mindfulness and meditation. When I first started to meditate I felt funny and I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. Over time I've come to learn that everyone has their own meditation practice and you have to do what works for you. It's all about self reflection and connection to your higher self, your higher power.

It's also beneficial during pregnancy. Meditating and connecting with your baby is such a beautiful thing. You can start out with a simple five minute meditation and work your way up. No, you don't have to sit there for hours just to connect. I've worked my way up to ten minute meditation sessions daily and it works just fine for me. If you're not into meditation prayer works and so does journaling. Whatever helps you to do some self reflection, go for it!

Another helpful thing is to get up and get moving! Staying active helps to build up that confidence. You don't have to do anything major, simply go outside and walk around the block. Doing this also helps you to have a better pregnancy!

And finally surround yourself with people who make you feel your best, who make you feel beautiful. Those are the people you need in your corner. Get that extra support if you can, it doesn't hurt at all!

What are some things that make you feel beautiful. Please comment!

Tiffany Underwood

Certified Pregnancy Health Coach

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