Sharing the News. Three Adorable Ways to Reveal Your Pregnancy!

(The above is actual footage of baby number three!)

Whether you see those two lines pop up on the pregnancy test, or you see the words "YES" in that little window, or your provider comes to you with the news, finding out that you are pregnant can be such an exciting time. Another exciting thing that can come along with this is sharing the news with those that you love and care about. My way of sharing the news, the first two times, was not really that exciting. With my oldest it was me walking out of the bathroom and telling my daughter's father that our family was going to kill us! Baby number two was me coming out of the bathroom again and shaking my head "yes" while my big eyes popped out in disbelief.

Now let's start with the number one idea for revealing your pregnancy, which is an idea I used for my third pregnancy. I found this cute idea on Pinterest. There was the cutest little bun in the oven idea. I just downloaded the picture and edited the text to say "Bake at 98.6 degrees for 9 months", and included her due date. Simple but it did the job. I posted it to social media so that way I could cover a lot of friends and family at one time. I've lived all over and have people every where that I wanted to include. Everyone loved it. Mission Accomplished.

(The pic above is similar to the one I used but you get the idea)

Idea number two is for those of you who have been parents to only fur babies and you will be adding a new addition to the family, include your pets. You could place a cute sign announcing the upcoming addition in front of your dog or cat, place baby shoes beside them, and even place clothing on them with the exciting news. Pets are almost always willing to participate and they will enjoy being involved!

Idea number three. You know those pictures where they have mom's shoes, dad's shoes, and then a little pair of baby shoes? Yeah that works too! You can add your own twist to it. Example, if you're a gamer add an extra controller in the shot along with those little shoes, or include baby's siblings. Those can be some of the amazing pictures! Some siblings are excited about the fact that they will have a little brother or sister and then some siblings, well not so much. I was the only child that my mother had, and I hated being at home alone. I always wished she would have had other children. However my girls seemed to be okay with each other, the only stipulation now is that I have a boy if I have another child.

However you decide to reveal your pregnancy is completely fine, let's face it the truth will reveal itself sooner or later so why not make it fun or unique. This is a beautiful time in which you are responsible for protecting this little life from pregnancy and beyond.

Tiffany Underwood

Certified Pregnancy Health Coach

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