Pregnant at 17 from Guilt to Greatness

I spend a great deal of time sharing tips about mindfulness, nutrition, self care, and exercise. I talk about complications that I have gone through and how to love and take care of yourself during this wonderful time of pregnancy. I feel as though I should go into the story of why I feel the need to help women feel love and acceptance while they are growing a precious life inside of them. What led me to go into OB-GYN care and later pregnancy coaching? I didn't always have a positive view of pregnancy. In fact my first pregnancy I was ashamed of being pregnant.

I was seventeen and about to go into my senior year of high school when I found out. I knew my mother would kill me. I tried as long as I could to hide it until she found out in my third month. Once she did, the slander soon followed. I went from being her wonderful perfect daughter to an irresponsible child who had just ruined her life. From her view I would no longer be able to accomplish anything in life. Her option was for me to abort my unborn child. I do not judge people for making the decisions that they make when it comes to their bodies, however abortion was not an option for me. I just couldn't do it. This put a huge strain on our relationship, so much so that I left home and quickly became an adult.

I did what I needed to do. I found a job. The father of my daughter and I found an apartment. We were doing the best that we could. I was so embarrassed that I left public school and decided that home school was the best option for me. Despite what was going on in my personal life and around me I knew that I had to make it, not for me but for my baby girl. I still managed to walk around with my head held high. Even through all the names that I was called. I found the strength to carry on. Some days were better than others, some days I truly did want to give up, some days I wanted to disappear and my confidence hit an all time low.

I know there are pregnant teens that are or will go through the same thing. The hurt, fear, and disappointment they feel when the people that love them the most turn their backs on them. I'm here today to say please do not give up. I was able to find support and help in places I would have never thought. I was able to rely on people outside of my family to help and support me. I was able to go on to school and get my Medical Assisting Certification, then my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, then my Master's Degree in Healthcare Management, and finally my Certification in pregnancy health coaching.

I've been blessed enough to travel the world and live overseas. I'm here today to tell women out there no matter what age or how far along you are in your pregnancy if someone is making you feel uncomfortable about your pregnancy, the issue is with them not you.The sky is not the limit, the only limitation is your mind! You have the power! People just don't understand the beauty of pregnancy and the fact that you are creating life. Children are indeed the future and regardless of people's views they deserve a chance to be loved and supported. Fourteen years and three kids later, I am as happy as I could be to have been blessed with them. They have made me more responsible, they have made me want to be the best that I can be. I don't regret anything that I've done or gone through. Was it easy? Heck no! But as they say, if it's easy it isn't worth it. I learned how to support and be there for myself. While it was a difficult journey it was an amazing journey one!

Until next time, hold your head up high, and love yourself!

Tiffany Underwood

Certified Pregnancy Health Coach

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