Five Affirmations to Use Daily That Can Help You During Pregnancy!

I tend to speak a lot about affirmations, in fact I use them daily even though I am not currently pregnant. There was a time in my life when I didn't know what an affirmation was or how life changing using them could be. These can be really helpful, especially if you tend to think more negative than positive. If you find that you spend time ruminating and creating self sabotaging thoughts, replacing them with more positive peaceful thoughts can create changes mentally, physically, and emotionally. Creating these changes can impact your reality so that you and your baby can have a loving and healthy environment in which you can thrive! You exercise and train your body, and you can exercise and train your mind. Everything that we say to ourselves (out loud or in our minds) seeps into our subconscious.

So what are affirmations? They are statements, in this case positive ones that are repeated so that positive outcomes can be obtained. Now let me be honest here. I had a hard time believing in these lovely statements at first. I wanted to know how could just saying some words make a change in my life. Especially since I was so used to expecting the worst. I had to sit down and take a look at the things I was saying to myself and why. I had to take some time to realize that regardless of my circumstances and where I came from that I was worthy of peace, love, and abundance.

I still have my days when a negative thought or two will sneak into my brain however I am better able to stop them and replace them with more positive and kind words for myself. It truly does make a world of difference. Now we all know that change does not happen over night. You have to want the change for yourself and you must also be willing to put in the work. Luckily, repetition is simple and they say it is also the key to learning. Repeating affirmations daily took a lot of work for me. I've started 21 day challenges and only made it to day five. I would start and stop doing them until finally I realized that those particular affirmations were not resonating with me. I had to create my own personal affirmations.

Everyone is different. You can use affirmations that are already created or you can come up with your own. Here are five of my favorite affirmations for you and your baby!

1. I am grateful for this pregnancy.

2. My baby and I are deeply connected.

3. I have great support from people who understand my needs.

4. I choose peace and let go of fear.

5. My baby is happy and healthy.

Try repeating these affirmations daily or come up with your own!

Tiffany A Underwood

Certified Pregnancy Health Coach

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