Let's Get Moving. Three Exercises That Will Help You Stay Fit During Pregnancy.

I've been pretty fit for most of my life but during my first and some of my second pregnancy I found myself to be a bit sluggish. It wasn't until the middle of my second pregnancy that I felt the need to do something about this. I was living overseas in Germany at the time when I found out about prenatal yoga. I signed up for the class and started attending weekly. I can honestly say that Walking and yoga saved me in more ways than one. Getting regular exercise during pregnancy is so beneficial. It can improve your health, ease low back pain, and make delivery easier. In my case it helped with all of this. Especially the ease of labor. I delivered baby number two naturally, NO DRUGS! My body was prepared for it.

Here are three exercises that can be beneficial to you and your baby.

1. Walking, Briskly. You can do this anywhere. You can walk around your neighborhood or a nice park trail. Walking can give you a good cardio work out that doesn't cause you to put a lot of pressure on your knees and ankles. It's also something that can be done for FREE! See you're winning already! Sometimes during pregnancy your center of gravity will seem a bit off. When you choose a place to walk make sure you are choosing places with smooth surfaces. No rocky places. Also make sure your shoe of choice is supportive.

2. Swimming is a good way to get a better range of motion. This can be done without putting extra added pressure on your joints. When swimming, swim in a way that doesn't make you strain your neck, shoulders, or back muscles. Always use the railing when you get into the water. You want to avoid any slipping! No diving or jumping into the pool! Also try to avoid any steam rooms or hot tubs. These could cause overheating.

3. Yoga helps keep your joints limber. It helps you maintain your flexibility. Doing yoga can strengthen your muscles and help with blood flow. It also helps you relax. Yoga techniques that are taught in class can also help you during labor. It did with me. I was able to relax enough during my pregnancy to deliver my baby girl. The further you get in your pregnancy avoid the positions that can cause overbalancing. Also, once you reach your second trimester the poses that cause for laying on the abdomen or flat on your back aren't recommended. Lying flat on your back can cause decreased blood flow to the heart. Also remember that over stretching can cause injury.

These are my favorite ones that I found to be beneficial to me. Always consult with your provider about any new routines that you are considering. Safety first!

Remember, if you do not already exercise or have a routine, don't dive into it. Start out slow and work your way up. Also make sure that any exercises you decide to do should be low impact. You can do it! Get up and get moving!


Tiffany Underwood

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