Essential Oils for Childbirth Book Review.

I received an awesome email from a lady at North Atlantic Books who has become familiar with my blog and site. She asked if I would be interested in reading this book and doing a review on it. I was so honored because essential oils are incredibly useful before, during, and after pregnancy. So let's jump into it!

Essential Oils for Childbirth by Michaela Boldly, who also happens to be a mom, RN and an aromatherapist, is a book that goes into depth describing how essential oils are used to help decrease stress, anxiety, and pain during the labor process. She begins the book by sharing her journey which is always a plus to me. I feel as though the reader or readers want to know that they are not alone. Knowing that there is someone out there who has the same fears as them is a relief. What's even more of a relief is if they have found a way to work through their fears with success, that means you can too!

In chapter one she explains what aromatherapy is. The use of essential oils to benefit physical and/or emotional well being. She goes into depth about the benefits of essential oils such as being an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and immune stimulant to name a few. I also learned where essential oils come from. PLANTS! I never knew that until I read this book. There is a whole process to it and the quality can be affected as well so that's one thing to pay attention to. The essential oils are extracted from different plants and that's where these lovely aromas come from. Reading further along she gets into where and how you can apply essential oils. You can apply them to your skin which will be absorbed. This can be done through massage or simply applying it yourself, which I've done often. She is sure to include the safety precautions that need to be taken, such as skin reactions, and being sure to check with your healthcare provider before you decide on adding essential oils to your pregnancy or birthing plan. I agree with this 100 percent. Always keep your provider in the loop.

Chapter two gets down to how the essential oils can be used in childbirth. The author seems to have a lot of experience with the use of these oils overseas in Europe, which has been effective during labor there, however she talks about how they are not widely used here in the states. Although the use is growing people still have little knowledge about how helpful essential oils are, especially for pregnant and laboring moms. I enjoyed the fact that she did include a study of women who were willing to participate in the trial of using essential oils during labor to help reduce their anxiety and increase their comfort. After the trial the women did say that the aromatherapy was helpful in reducing the anxiety that they felt. I truly wish that I would have known about aromatherapy, especially when I delivered my second daughter naturally.

The rest of the book goes into detail about creating blends, how to apply them, how to use them on your newborn for a massage, and how aromatherapy can help lower the number of c-sections. Reading this book I felt that the author was very knowledgeable and she had some useful information that can help many women who are expecting and want to try something more natural during delivery. I'm really big on reducing stress, anxiety, and depression during pregnancy. I feel as though those things can take a toll on a woman and her pregnancy experience. The fact that aromatherapy can be used to help reduce those things and create a better outcome is beautiful. The book isn't long at all, one hundred and forty pages. It's really easy to read and follow. I give it five stars and I will definitely be doing more research on essential oils and how they can help expectant mothers. I included a links below for those of you who are interested in purchasing the book! Peace, Love and Light to you all! Happy Pregnancy!

Tiffany Underwood

Certified Pregnancy Health Coach

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