The Second Trimester......The Journey Continues!

Happy Feelings

Wooohooooo! Congrats! You've made it to the second trimester! Or maybe you haven't and you're just curious about what you can expect when you do get there. This is the point where you start to feel better. Oh yes, you do get better. For many of us the first trimester can be tense. It can be rough and it leaves some of us feeling MISERABLE! There is light at the end of the tunnel just hang in there. These next three months (the fourth, fifth, and sixth months) are considered to be some of the easiest through out the whole pregnancy journey.

What's happening?

Hopefully by this point you aren't feeling as nauseated as you did before. You may also feel super energetic. I know I did. I was really ready to get up and get out once I made it to the middle of month four. By this point your body has had time to adjust to all of the different hormonal changes that were taking place before. The fun also begins during this trimester. You may start to feel flutters in your fourth month and for some it may take longer. During my first pregnancy I didn't really feel anything until around the fifth month but with pregnancy three and four I felt them move much sooner because I knew exactly what it felt like. You will also be able to get a better look at your baby with an ultrasound. If you had an ultrasound during your first trimester (which I'm sure you did) your baby probably looked like an alien. Okay maybe that's a bit much but maybe you just weren't sure what you were looking at exactly. But during your second trimester, your baby has grown so much that now you can definitely identify that you are indeed having a little human. One thing to keep in mind is that you won't get an ultrasound every time you see your provider. Many providers believe that these should be done only when necessary. Like getting your baby's gestational age, determining the sex, checking to make sure that your baby is developing as he or she should, and checking for positioning. Oh and hang in there dads, around five or six months your will be able to feel your baby moving too.

My baby is doing what?

Your baby is continuing to gain weight and grow. Another cool thing is happening. Your baby is now responding to stimulation outside of the womb. I remember reading to all of my girls while I was pregnant with them. I would also play different types of music for them as well. They can also start to become familiar with different voices too! Don't hesitate to try these things or think it's crazy to do. It isn't at all. Another thing to be conscious about is how you're feeling. Your baby shares your emotions. If you are feeling anxious or feeling upset, your body releases stress hormones which go into the blood stream and straight to your baby. I know it's unrealistic to avoid all stress, we have it in our lives, however it's important to find healthy ways to deal with it. If you're continuously stressed it can create a anxious and fussy little person.

What about me?

At this point you're probably noticing that your clothes don't fit like they did before. Yes, uterus is growing which means your waist is too. Others are noticing that you are pregnant as well. This is a good time to decide or even start to really think about where exactly you want to deliver your baby. Would you like a home birth or hospital birth? Do you have a birth plan or an idea of how you want your pregnancy to go? Have you discussed these things with your provider? (OBGYN, Midwife, etc) It may all seem a little overwhelming but everything will work out just fine. Having a baby is a huge decision and there are many things that go along with it. It's also important to stay as active as you can. You can do simple things such as walking or swimming. These things can help you big time during labor!

Do you have any questions? How is your second trimester going? Or if you've delivered and want to share your memories of your second trimester please feel free to do so!

Until next time, I'm sending you piece, love, and light!

Tiffany Underwood

Certified Pregnancy Health Coach

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