Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals During Pregnancy

So you're pregnant and you want to do the best you can to take care of yourself and your baby during the upcoming months. Have you thought about any goals that you may want to set? To be honest I never really was the type to think about setting goals. I've always been more of a go with the flow type of person, which there isn't anything wrong with that. But, there are some things that I wanted to improve and change about my lifestyle during my last pregnancy.

What are goals and why is setting them important?

Simply put, a goal is a result or outcome that a person works towards to achieve. Making the decision to set a goal and working to achieve it is something major. The reward is also amazing. Once you get it you feel so good and accomplished. I definitely did. Setting goals is a way to organize your time and make the most out your life. It gives you focus and motivation. It's also a way to keep you from procrastinating. Once you set that goal, you are responsible for the outcome and you're the only one held accountable. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Why not set goals to help you?

How to set SMART Goals.

Setting goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Get specific about your goal. It's easy to say I want to be active during my pregnant. But how do you plan to go about doing this? What are you going to do? What makes this important to you? And most of all how are you going to go about doing this? Example: You can set a goal to walk 30 minutes three days a week. This is important to me because walking during pregnancy has benefits for both my baby and me. (helping prevent things like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.) I will go to the park (if it's nice outside) or find an indoor track

Making sure your goal is measurable means you can check your progress over time. With the above goal, you can measure this by making sure you are walking three days a week. If you find that you have only been able to make one or two days, then you can reassess to see how you can fit that third day in. If you find that you can't fit in that extra day come back to your goal and determine if you need to set a different one. That leads us to the next goal.

We want to set goals that are achievable. There is no point in setting goals that we can't achieve. You want to set a goal to walk 30 minutes three days a week. What time will you do this? Are you currently working outside of the home? What time do you get off work and what time will you make it to the park after work? You have to sit down and determine how you will achieve the goals that you have set.

Goals also have to be realistic. You have to determine if the goals that you have in mind is actually possible for you to achieve. Do you really want to do this and if so do yo have the skills to do it? Like run a marathon if you've never trained. Sit back and think about what you want and be realistic about whether you can do this or not. Finally you want to think about time. You want to set a time frame for achieving the goal you set. I'm going to walk 30 minutes three days a week for the next three months. You have to set a goal with an end in mind, a time for when you want to have this done.

What are some pregnancy goals?

Everyone has different goals in mind and different things that they want to obtain. I've always been pretty fit and in shape my whole life. However, my eating habits haven't always been the best. I have a habit of stress eating. When I get stressed I can eat so much candy and junk! I worked to set a goal to incorporate better eating habits and also I worked to learn my triggers so that way I could avoid stress eating. It took a lot of work and in fact I still have my times where I may slip up. However I am better at recognizing when I'm stressed and I work hard to make better decisions to better deal with my stress.

Some goals that could be set during pregnancy are;

1. Getting more rest

2. Drinking more water

3. Eating healthier

4. Spend some time in nature

5. Be kind to yourself

These are just a few. Think about goals that you want to set for yourself and go for it! You will be so proud of yourself in the end! You've got this!

Until next time! Peace, Love and Light

Tiffany Underwood

Pregnancy Health Coach

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