Affirmations and Positive Self Talk. How Can it Help Me During Pregnancy?


What are affirmations?

I'm sure you've heard a lot of talk about affirmations. But what are they exactly? Simply put affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself (sometimes over and over). Doing this is a way to program your conscious and subconscious mind. The goal of using affirmations is to inspire and motivate you. To help you stay positive throughout your journey and beyond.

How do I use them?

Everyone is different and may decide to create a plan that works for them. For example you can pick a certain time each day, have your affirmations that you want to use (I am healthy and my baby is safe), and say them wherever you are. Whether you want to say them out loud or in your head. One thing to remember, repetition is key! Whenever you use or say your affirmations, you have to be sure that you want to obtain exactly what you're affirming. Some of us are in really negative environments or we have been. As a result, it's easier to stay in that negative frame of mind. If you've made the decision to change your life and thoughts for the better, KEEP YOUR FOCUS!

Positive Self Talk (I've Got This!)

We often focus on the way we talk to others. But have you ever taken the time out to focus on how you talk to yourself? The way we talk to ourselves can either make or break us. Have you ever heard the saying, "You're your own worst enemy"? This is very true. Positive self talk can reduce stress and pain. It can also boost your immune system and make you feel good all the way around! Go ahead and test it out!

Try This!

I'm always doing 21 day challenges. I was introduced to this by my personal life coach who has been a HUGE help to me! Create a list of affirmations that you would like to use and practice saying them to yourself daily. Be sure to keep track of your progress and how you feel!

Tiffany Underwood

Pregnancy Health Coach

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