Formula Feeding? Four Reasons Why This Works!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Sixteen years ago (that seems so crazy to type) I delivered a healthy six pound, eight ounce baby girl.I was young, 18 to be exact. I wasn't thinking about breastfeeding. I didn't know about the benefits and the thought of it alone, I couldn't wrap my mind around it. So I decided that formula would be the better route for us and to be quite honest, it actually worked out quite well! She was able to get all the nutrition she needed from formula. We didn't really run into any issues besides a few digestive problems. We had to try a different formula or two before we got one that was easy on her belly. So how well did formula work for us?


If your baby is a formula fed baby, it can be really convenient. You don't have to worry about time and location. Baby can also be fed by anyone. You don't always get this freedom with breastfeeding which can be really demanding at times.


I may have said it a time or two, diet was something that I really struggled with when it came to breastfeeding. Everything you eat and drink, your baby will go to your baby through your breastmilk. Sometimes you have to tweek your diet or you could have a fussy baby. When I formula fed my oldest, that wasn't a concern. I could eat and drink what I wanted without worrying about affecting my little one.

Night time feedings

If your baby is formula fed, this will allow others to help you, especially at night. Yes, you do have to get up and make the bottle, but you can also pass that bottle to your partner and go back to sleep. Breastfeeding (unless you pump or have milk stored and ready) doesn't allow you to do this. So this is a plus.


With formula feeding you can buy all the supply you need. You don't have to worry about your body making enough. You don't have to worry about being able to pump enough either. You can simply walk in the store and get as many containers of formula as you need. This is a huge relief and help for those that choose this option.

These are just a few ways formula feeding was a benefit to me and my now teenager. How about you mamas out there? How has formula worked for you? (if you chose this option)

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Tiffany Underwood - Certified Health Coach and Prenatal Consultant

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