How COVID-19 has impacted my relationship with my children!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020


Before March 2020, life was normal, or so I thought. We would get up early in the morning and start our daily routine. In the mornings I would shower, get myself ready, and then wake my eight and three year old up and get them ready also (which meant in order for us to be out the door by 6:15, I had to be up and out of bed by 5:00 am). I could hear my sixteen year old rambling about in her room so I knew she was good. Some mornings we would eat something before leaving and other mornings we would stop and grab something on the way. As we walked out the door I would yell (while going down the stairs) I love you to my oldest. We live in the metro Atlanta area so traffic is often ridiculous! I would drop my eight year old off first and then scurry to the other side of town to drop my three year old off. The good thing about her drop off was her babysitter was close to my job. Then I would make it to work by 7:30 and get to it. At 4:30 I was clocking out and headed to pick up the girls. With traffic I would be home by 6:30. We would eat, do homework, bathe/shower, then bed only to repeat everything the next day. Our weekends seemed to go by so fast. I felt like Saturday and Sunday was really just one day. I had so much to do that the days ran together. I hadn't realized it then, but I was living on autopilot. Just on go. No time to do anything else.

It Begins

There had been reports of "a deadly virus" for some time now. A virus that was spreading across the globe making many people sick. Day by day things started to change. Schools started closing and then businesses (unless you were considered essential, which I am). I found myself being excited about the fact that there was no traffic on the way to and headed back from work. I didn't think much about it and figured everything would be up and running in a week or two. But then the numbers of those that were sick continued to rise. Everyday brought about something different. I remember my concern growing. I didn't know how this thing would affect my unborn baby and after speaking with my midwife it was decided that taking me off work until after baby girl was born was the best idea. So just like that I went home. I was excited because I did want to spend more time with them but I was also in for a rude awakening!

At Home

Virtual learning began and I became a substitute teacher. Not really but that's what I called myself. I would wake up in the mornings to make sure that my eight and sixteen year old were on track as far as logging in to the computer and getting started with classes. I was also available afterwards to check work and so on. Now I will be honest, it didn't take long before they started to irritate every nerve I had. Constant runs to the kitchen, "mom I'm hungry," and the questions, why can't we do this or that. The disagreements between the girls. At one point I felt like going to work was way easier! Then I realized something, I didn't know my girls as well as I thought I did. With the way our days usually went we didn't have any real time together. But with this pandemic, we have been forced to spend that time together that we didn't. It turns out that I'm not the only mom that has had this happen for them.

More moms have been able to spend more time with their children. These statistics were shared with me from For moms that work outside of the home, 60% of them have been able to spend more time with their children and 63 % of those moms say that their relationships with their children have improved. I can agree with this. I've actually been able to really learn my children.

What they REALLY like, what they don't, their personalities. I've developed more patience with them and understanding. There is less yelling and more talking. We've all seemed to have developed a real love and respect for each other. I'm really grateful for all of this. I've been forced to slow down and really SEE my children as the individuals that they are. 101 days in and we've been able to still live life and we've created a "new normal". I'm so grateful that none of us have become ill due to the virus.I can say that we aren't perfect but we are better! I used to always say that I love being a mom. I still stand by those words I just love it more!

How have you and your children been affected by COVID-19? Please share.

Until next time I'm sending you peace love and light!

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Tiffany Underwood

Certified Health Coach (Pregnancy and Postpartum Support)

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