How The Gestational Diabetic Chef Used Her Experience to Help Others!

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

A Gestational Diabetes diagnosis is definitely life changing. It can bring up a lot of things, fear, anger, doubt, and questions about your ability to properly care for yourself and your baby. I had the amazing opportunity to interview one AWESOME woman who decided to turn her experience around. Allow me to introduce Traci Houston, better known as The Gestational Diabetes Chef!

Can you tell everyone about yourself and what's so special about your recipes?

I have a recipe blog for pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes. I was diagnosed with it during my first pregnancy and while I was in culinary school. I had no idea how to eat, even after I saw my Dietitian. I felt lost and there weren't any sufficient online resources that really helped me. Two years later, I decided to create that online resource I needed when I was pregnant. I create recipes that are within the gestational diabetes limits. The focus is mostly on carbohydrates. I also try to make meals that are high-carb favorites or meals that you would never guess you could enjoy on a diet!

How were you able to deal with having Gestational Diabetes?

Actually, I wasn't. It was really hard for me because my Dietitian's appointment was inadequate and I was very stressed at the time. Stress has a huge impact on your blood sugar. Every meal was trial and error. I had to experiment with everything and never really got the hang of it. I never really understood what was going on or why.

What made you want to help other women going through this experience?

When my doctor told me that I failed the test miserably, It was about 4 PM on a Friday. She said she would refer me to the Dietitian. I thought, "Well that means the referral won't be seen until Monday morning at the earliest and then it would have to be sourced out." I asked my doctor what I could do in the meantime and she offered no advice. I immediately freaked about it because I didn't understand. You just told me that my baby is at risk for various complications, that I failed the test, that I have to wait to find out how to keep my baby safe, and then you offer me no advice! I was LIVID! Two years later that moment came to the forefront of my memory. I figured that other moms were going through similar circumstances. In that moment I decided to become that resource, and bridge the gap between diagnosis and guidance.

How did Gestational Diabetes affect your life?

Gestational Diabetes is a lifestyle change. Food becomes your main focus and it seems like all you do is eat all day long. You have to check your blood sugar regularly, whether you are at work, in the car, or out to eat. We stress over high blood sugar readings, which only exacerbates the problem. People judge you as if you did something wrong or didn't care enough about yourself or your baby. It's a lot! Just the mental toll of pricking your finger at least four times a day is a heavy burden. Gestational Diabetes has a lot of emotions tied to it that I don't think anyone who hasn't endured it can understand.

Can you tell the readers where they can find more of your recipes?

You can find low-carb, diabetic friendly recipes and evidence based research on my blog

There you have it! Although Gestational Diabetes can be tough there are definitely ways to help you through it! Thank you all for taking the time out to read this insightful blog!

Tiffany Underwood

Pregnancy Health Coach

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