My 4 Favorite Pregnancy "Superfoods" and Why I Love Them!

I try to eat healthy more often than not. I know it takes a lot of discipline to do so. I would like to think that I've found a balance although I still have my sweet tooth. Cookies and Cream ice cream to be exact. But I know that it's important to incorporate foods that add nutritional value to my diet, especially during pregnancy. Nutritious foods help to not only support you but also your growing baby. During my journey I've tried foods that weren't so great but I've also been fortunate enough to find foods that I love! Many people give up on the whole "healthy foods" thing because they don't like the taste and so on. But if you hang in there and make your food work for you it will definitely be worth it.

What are superfoods? Well, they won't give you super powers......or will they? Basically, superfoods are foods that contain nutrients that are very beneficial for your health. Superfoods are foods that are important especially during and after pregnancy. With that being said, let's go down the list of my top four superfoods and why I love them.

1. Salmon (wild caught). Salmon is one of my favorite foods! I first fell in love with Salmon when I lived in Germany. There was this restaurant, Steak on a Stone in this small, quiet town. If you were to blink you would miss it. I decided to try it for several reasons. I had heard how both delicious and healthy it was. Salmon is high in Omega 3's. Omega 3's help with brain, eye, and nervous system development. Now I try to eat it regularly so we usually grill our salmon and add some rosemary and thyme to it with a few other seasonings. It really does taste good! Add some steamed veggies, I've fallen in love with asparagus, and you can't go wrong.

2. Eggs! Eggs are a great source of protein. They are also rich in vitamins such as vitamins A and B12. I also discovered something else amazing about this yolk filled shell, it helped me with my nausea in the first trimester and it's helping me again now with five weeks to go.(Yes the nausea is back) I found that if I boiled an egg (or two) and ate it first thing in the morning my nausea would go away. That along with a cup of orange juice. I was really struggling with nausea something serious before I started doing this.

3. Black Beans. I know, some people are probably thinking beans? Ewww. Many people aren't fans of beans. In fact, as a child, I swore that I would never eat beans when I became an adult. Funny how things change as you get older. However, black beans are pretty awesome and they can be incorporated with a lot of other foods. Black beans are an awesome source of magnesium, iron, and fiber. These are all great things to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

4. Last but not least, Greek Yogurt! Another good source of protein, probiotics, and calcium. Probiotics are good for digestion and probiotics can help decrease the chances of complications. I usually have greek yogurt in the morning with my boiled egg(s) and orange juice. I also like to add some granola to it.

Incorporating healthy or superfoods into your diet isn't hard. There are so many options and so many ways do so. If you're interested or need some help trying to decide on some food options please don't hesitate to reach out to myself, speak with your provider, or find a nutritionist to help you with the process. Until next time, sending you all peace, love, and light!

Tiffany Underwood

Certified Health Coach (Pregnancy and Postpartum Support)

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