My Top Five Postpartum Recovery Essentials!

You've made it through your pregnancy journey and now it's time for.........THE POSTPARTUM JOURNEY! Oh the fun! Seriously, I've done this three times and it wasn't until the third time I learned about different products and tips to help me through this period. I didn't receive any postpartum support or education about what to do once I got home. So of course I was winging it and doing what worked at the time. I really didn't take too much time to focus on me because I had a little person to take care of. I cannot emphasize how important it is for self care after delivery. Even if it's small things at a time to tend to your physical and emotional needs. So what helped me after I delivered baby number three? Let's find out.

1. Peri-Bottle. Soooooo after delivery several things can or will happen. Your in between will be sore or torn. You could have some stitches and peeing can be, well, uncomfortable to say the least. Using a peri bottle helped me tremendously/ I didn't experience any tearing nor did I need any stitches but my perineum (the area between your cooch and bum opening, sorry that may be kind of graphic) was pretty sore. Keeping that area clean is a must especially after bathroom trips. It's very easy to use and well worth it. I think some hospitals allow you to take them home with you if they offer them. If not, they aren't expensive at all. You always want to start perineum care with clean hands. Fill your bottle up with warm water. You can do this while sitting or squatting over the toilet. Aim the opening of the bottle at the area and spray from front to back. Once your're done, pat the area dry, rubbing or wiping isn't recommended. Wash your hands and you're all done.

2. Epsom Salt (Sitz Bath). I still do this quite often for relaxation purposes and after an intense workout. Sitz baths not only help with relaxation. It can also soothe any discomfort from swelling, stitches, hemorrhoids. Your body has gone through a lot, why not treat yourself to a calming, soothing time.

3. Nipple care. I didn't breastfeed my oldest (who is now 15). With baby number two I started to experience pain in my nipples after feedings. They began to crack and even bleed. I eventually found out that baby girl wasn't latching properly. I was told about Lanolin, which I used the Medela brand. It helped out TREMENDOUSLY in more ways than one. I didn't feel super greasy and it was also safe for baby when she was feeding.

4. Water!Staying hydrated is important. I talk about that quite often. Especially during the postpartum period. There is so much going on, restoring the electrolytes and energy in your body is essential. If you're breastfeeding, your're definitely going to need to be hydrated to make sure you keep up that milk supply. Staying hydrated also helps speed up the recovery process by helping build any damaged tissue you may have. Drink that water!!!

5. PADS! I didn't find this brand until I had baby number three. I absolutely love them! They are organic and free of all that icky stuff (chemicals) that most pads are made of. They came in a large size so that your woman parts are covered and they offer wonderful flow protection! They are super soft and far from bulky. I definitely recommend trying these out after baby!

So there's my top five postpartum essentials. What did you use to help you through recovery? Any recommendations from friends or family? Until next time sending you peace love and light!

Tiffany Underwood

Pregnancy Health Coach

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