My Top Three Tips to Help You Welcome and Accept Your Postpartum Body!

In all honesty, I hated my postpartum body, after all three of my pregnancies! I didn't like how my stomach looked at ALL! My hair started to shed and fall out like crazy. I felt so unattractive. Even with people around me in amazement at how "fast" I got my pre-baby body back it didn't feel or look the same in my mind. I'm sure there are many of you that deal with this very same thing. On top of that, with the help of social media, there is this intense pressure put on new moms to "bounce back" after you've done one of the most wonderful acts in the world. You've given life and yet beat yourself up after the fact. Why? Why do we do this? I asked myself this after my third pregnancy. Although I hated the way I looked soon after delivery it took me sinking into depression and seeing help to really take a look at what I was doing to myself. With some help and a LOT of work on my end I was able to welcome and eventually accept my postpartum body.


1. Affirmations! If any of you follow me on Instagram or Youtube you know I am BIG on affirmations. I really do feel like they make a world of difference. Our minds are our power and so are our words. "I accept and appreciate my body."I wrote this on an index card and placed it on my nightstand so I could see it as soon as I woke up and before I went to sleep. You can choose an affirmation or affirmations that work for you. Say it, know it, believe it!

2. See how strong YOU are! Do you realize what you've done! You've given life! That takes a lot of strength, among other things, to go through the pregnancy journey and then give birth. Look at your body with admiration and realize who you are and the strength that you possess. I know I know, many people say it's easier said than done, however it can be done. Remember your worth!

3. Speaking of worth, what does self worth mean to you? It's time to evaluate this. What is your self worth measured by? What does it mean to you? I touched on how there are so many expectations placed on us about how we should look. We let others make decisions about us for us. No way! Don't let others define who you are! Don't let people convince you that your value is based on your appearance. Instead of using the energy to worry about what others think of you, use that energy to love yourself and your baby! The reality is pregnancy creates changes for you and your body. Whether you go back to your pre-pregnancy body or not, know that you are still an amazing woman, person, and mother!

Oh and one more thing, I know I said only three tips but, this last tip was really helpful. I learned how to say SCREW YOU!!!! Well not in those words but you get the drift. Sometimes you have to let people know that their opinions of you and your body DO NOT MATTER! PERIOD!

How did you learn to embrace your new body after you delivered your baby? Are you still struggling with it? Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time

Sending you peace and love.

Tiffany Underwood

Pregnancy Health Coach

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