Handmade Bath Soaks with Natural Products

Being pregnant is such a joyous occasion but let's face it, pregnancy also comes with its share of aches, pains, and swollen feet! After a long day on your feet or if you just want to relax use Tiffany's Handmade Pregnancy Soak. There are two soak options, Pink Mint (epsom salt, peppermint essential oil, almond oil, and product coloring) or Lavender Love (epsom salt, lavender essential oil, almond oil, baking soda, and product coloring). Treat yourself, ease the discomfort and revitalize your spirit! Only $9.99.

Sitzbaths are known to help soothe your lower region after childbirth. Mint Pastures will help heal, soothe, and relax you. You deserve to be pampered after bringing a precious life into the world. Try it out for $9.99.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Bump

By Tiffany Underwood 

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