Connected Care

  • Why access to early prenatal care is important: Early prenatal care is important for a variety reasons. It can help inform women about the actions that are needed to protect them and their babies during pregnancy. It can also help prevent complications for mom and baby. Prenatal care is a key factor in creating a healthy and fruitful life for you both.

  • Why access to postpartum care is important: A lot of focus is put on the pregnancy aspect of the journey. Often times, not a lot of thought goes into the postpartum journey and new mothers feel overlooked or forgotten. New mothers are sometimes at risk for complications in the first few weeks after giving birth. They also have questions and need support that sometimes they have trouble finding. Being able to access postpartum care is essential.

  • What I do: Are you  interested in receiving care from a Doula or Midwife in your area? Not sure how to go about doing this or are you having trouble gaining access to what you need?  I can get you connected. I offer referral services for expectant moms (Birth Doulas and Midwives). I also offer referral services to new moms by connecting them with postpartum doulas. Need help locating a lactation consultant? I can help with that too. Click the contact button above and let me get you connected!  

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