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Pregnancy can be a time of fear, worry, and doubt but only if you want it to be. Pregnancy can also be a time of inner peace, joy, and beauty. A time for connecting and creating a mindset of abundance for you and your baby.  This is one of the many reasons I decided to become a certified pregnancy health coach and postpartum support advocate. I have been on the side of fear and I was able to shift to the side of inner peace and joy while growing a precious life. 

Are you interested in reducing stress during pregnancy by....

  • Creating healthy habits that will help you through this pregnancy and beyond

The following is a program that can help with that. Please contact me for enrollment. 

The Fruitful Life 12 Week Prenatal Support Program (complete program $45.00)

First Trimester Focus

  • Week 1 - Your pregnancy journey

  • Week 2 - Journaling and Exercise

  • Week 3 - Understanding Affirmations and how to use them

  • Week 4 - Self Care Part 1

Second Trimester Focus

  • Week 5 - Self Care Part 2

  • Week 6 - Setting Boundaries

  • Week 7 - Putting yourself first

  • Week 8 - Creating a healthy pregnancy routine

Third Trimester Focus

  • Week 9 - Mental Health Plan

  • Week 10 - Postpartum Meal Prep Plan

  • Week 11 - Birth Plan

  • Week 12 - Postpartum Support Plan

Postpartum 8 Week Support Program (Complete Program $40.00)


Fourth Trimester Focus

  • Week 1 - Following up on your labor and birth experience

  • Week 2 - Your body experience (healing and recovery tips)

  • Week 3 - Breastfeeding and/or formula feeding

  • Week 4 - Building a bond with your baby

  • Week 5 - Learning to cope

  • Week 6 - Emotional support (baby blues vs PPD)

  • Week 7 - Letting go of shame, fear, and what motherhood is supposed to look like

  • Week 8 - Maintaining Relationships (including others in your postpartum journey)

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