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Pregnancy can be a time of fear, worry, and doubt but only if you want it to be. Pregnancy can also be a time of inner peace, joy, and beauty. A time for connecting and creating a mindset of abundance for you and your baby.  This is one of the many reasons I decided to become a certified pregnancy health coach and postpartum support advocate. I have been on the side of fear and I was able to shift to the side of inner peace and joy while growing a precious life. 

Are you interested in tips to......

  • Improving how you feel about your pregnancy journey

  • Understanding the use of affirmations

  • Understanding self care and why it's important

  • Creating healthy habits that will help you through this pregnancy and beyond

The following are week by week tips that will be shared via, email, video and blog. 

The Fruitful Life 12 Week Prenatal Support Program

First Trimester Focus

  • Week 1 - Improving how you feel about your pregnancy journey

  • Week 2 - Journaling and Exercise

  • Week 3 - Understanding Affirmations and how to use them

  • Week 4 - Self Care Part 1

Second Trimester Focus

  • Week 5 - Self Care Part 2

  • Week 6 - Setting Boundaries

  • Week 7 - Putting yourself first

  • Week 8 - Creating a healthy pregnancy routine

Third Trimester Focus

  • Week 9 - Mental Health Plan

  • Week 10 - Postpartum Meal Prep Plan

  • Week 11 - Birth Plan

  • Week 12 - Postpartum Support Plan

Postpartum 8 Week Support Program


Fourth Trimester Focus

  • Week 1 - Following up on your labor and birth experience

  • Week 2 - Your body experience (healing and recovery tips)

  • Week 3 - Breastfeeding and/or formula feeding

  • Week 4 - Building a bond with your baby

  • Week 5 - Learning to cope

  • Week 6 - Emotional support (baby blues vs PPD)

  • Week 7 - Letting go of shame, fear, and what motherhood is supposed to look like

  • Week 8 - Maintaining Relationships (including others in your postpartum journey)

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